Abortifacient essential oils

There are certain essential oils known as abortifacient oils, which can cause the abortion of a fetus. The abortifacient properties of these oils are due to their toxicity. Apart from damaging the fetus, they will cause serious harm to the mother as well. These abortifacient oils also have strong chemical properties and develop have emmenagoguic actions, which actually stimulate or normalize menstruation (cause bleeding from the uterus). Though emmenagogue oils do not have abortifacient characteristics, since they stimulate the menses they also should be avoided during pregnancy . Some of the Abortifacient essential oils are Wormwood, Thuja, Sassafras, Rue, Parsley Seed, Mugwort etc

Essential Oils are strong products. They call for high caution from the user. You have to make a thorough study before using any. If in doubt, do not use it. Or get information from the websites or medical practitioners. Essential Oils used irresponsibly can cause irreparable harm. This statement is not to scare you but to make you alert and guide you while using the substance .

Among aromatherapists there are differences of opinion in the usage of the essential oil. Some do not recommend it for internal body use. Others have no such reservation about it. Some are of the opinion that before consuming, it must be diluted. But certain others insist on concentrated oil. They say that concentration helps in fast recovery. According to them higher the concentration, better will be the result. However it is advisable to go for diluted oil as a safety measure at the beginning of the course. Gradually reduce the level of dilution. At the same time have close observation of the patient. Prefer body application of the oil to oral consumption.

The essential oils are of great benefit for use in aromatherapy and, where applicable, in perfumery. Since they are derived from plant sources, consult a nutritionist who has considerable knowledge and experience in aromatherapy to seek his advice regarding selection of oil for the intake food of the pregnant lady. If certain oils are found not suitable, it is better to avoid the same oil for body massage. Even when she wants to use a perfume she has to bear in mind the probable consequences of the oil used. She must thoroughly read trough the list of ingredients and notes pertaining to the item before purchase.

The following precautions will be beneficial:

Oils used on and for children should be diluted with carrier oil.

Essential oils rich in menthol should not be used for children.

Take care to close properly all essential oil bottles after use and to keep away from children.

Oral consumption must be with the direction of a qualified medical practitioner.

Sensitive skin areas should never be exposed to essential oil.

People with allergies, blood pressure, epilepsy etc must be avoid concentrated essential oils.

After the application of oil do not expose to sunlight as certain oils are light sensitive.

As already mentioned, pregnant ladies should refrain from oils that contain matters that are hormone-like or uterine stimulants.

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