How to Use Essential Oils Safely

Essential oils are plant origin and usually prepares by extracting plantís flowers, leaves, roots and barks. The original essential oils are highly concentrated. They are widely using for the treatment of Aromatherapy. Concentrated oils are using for the purpose of inhaling treatment in Aromatherapy. For the topical application treatment in Aromatherapy essential oils are advised to dilute before applying externally. Concentrated essential oils are burning in nature. They can cause skin irritation if used directly. So it is advised to keep essential oils beyond the reach of children. Our skin has high capability to absorb essential oils in to our body. So while using externally it is better to use minimum quantity of the same for the purpose of local application. Over usage is dangerous to skin and body.As per the recent research reports it has found that external application of essential oils is not suitable for kidney and liver patients.

Since these products are directly absorbed by the skin, there is high possibility to enter these essential oils into the blood stream. Kidney and Liver are the two important functional units to remove the impurities of the blood. These organs have to overwork if the essential oils are absorbed by the skin to the blood stream. This process is too dangerous as far as the liver and Kidney patients are concerned.

The essential oils are not recommended to apply in ear, nose, eyes and mouth. Since they are burning in nature it will be dangerous to handle the same directly by hands. Those who are working with essential oils are advised to wear gloves as a precaution. Consumption of the essential oils is too dangerous. So it cannot be recommended to take internally or to inject. In certain cases Lavender essential oils have to be used internally. If this is required it can be performed only under medical supervision.

Applications of essential oils are not suitable in certain cases of external treatment. If the same has applied while going out, then the skin will become too much sensitive to the sun. The skin which has high susceptibility to allergies and sensitiveness can undergo a preliminary sensitivity test before having treatment with essential oils. This can be performed successfully by a simple patch test by applying a drop of essential oil over arm or back side of the ear and see how it works. If there appears any color change or feels any burning sensation then the skin can be considered as sensitive to essential oils. This is a strict warning to avoid the essential oils.

Doing works with essential oils may cause headache or drowsiness to certain people. So it is recommended to have suitable ventilation at places where the essential oil works have been carrying out. These people are advised to take breaks frequently in the midst of their work to have proper relaxation to their sensitive organs. Certain essential oils have the quality to boost the activity of some medicines. For instance, the simultaneous use of sedatives and lavender oil are dangerous, since the lavender oil has the quality to boost the activity of sedatives. So, with respect to these matters, it will be vital to use these essential oils under strict medical

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