Lavender aromatherapy

Lavender is an herbal plant abundantly found in Mediterranean countries. Its flowers have got high fragrance and can be used in Aroma therapy. The highly fragrant flowers are extracted to collect lavender essential oils which are used for numerous common ailments. In Aroma therapy it can be used along with other herbal extracts such as lemon, jasmine, rose and rosemary to attain the desired result. Scientists have conducted researches regarding the lavender aromatherapy to see how it can be employed successfully to get high recognition among people all over the world.

Anxiety is the one of the discomforts against which lavender essential oil can be used safely. The nerve stimulant quality of the lavender oil helps to reduce the anxiety and tension with out developing any side effects to the patients. But severe anxiety and tension cannot be cured by this harmless medicinal herb.

Sleeplessness is the other discomfort which can be eradicated by the lavender aromatherapy. For this treatment aromatherapy vaporizer can be used to disperse the vapor of the lavender oil in to the bed room. Sprinkling two or three drops of the same under the pillow of the sleeping bed can also help to reduce the sleeplessness. Continued use of this treatment just about 4 weeks during bedtime will be sufficient to correct the sleeplessness of youngsters. Women and young men respond to this treatment very easily. Falling of hair which leads to baldness can be checked by lavender oil massage. Better results can be attained by using lavender oil with valuable other herbal extracts such as rosemary, thyme or grape seed. People suffering from hair fall can apply this blend of oils to the scalp just about 7 month continuously to get the desired result.

The lavender oil is antiseptic and antibiotic in nature. This healing property is useful to cure cuts, wounds and burns. A blend of lavender extract and tea tree extract is highly antibacterial in nature. Hence this combination can be used to cure skin infections caused by bacteria and fungus.

Nowadays the lavender essential oil has become the friend of athletes and sports men. These people often suffer from muscular pain, sprain, joint pains, backache and stiff neck. By applying one or two drops of lavender oil directly to the affected part and massaging properly with palms and fingers reduces the difficulties immediately. This pain reliving property of the lavender oil is highly used for the treatment of rheumatism and the pains associated with it.

In the aroma therapy one or two drops of lavender oil along with bathing water enable the person to relax and feel enthusiastic for the whole day. But consumption of lavender oil internally is not commonly recommended. This can be performed under medical supervision only if required. In general lavender essential oils are considered as the harmless herbal extract. In some cases it may cause skin irritation in the topical application treatment. If this exception is kept apart lavender essential oils are friendly to mankind.

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